Bpy Changes - Should I have known?

Blender 3.3.1

I have an add-on that generates keyframes. I use it now and then… Like today, for example…

Much to my surprise… BOOM! An error message. (It works in 2.93.6. I installed 3.3.1 on 10/22/22)

I said to myself “dang.”.

The error message lead me to this line of code:

bpy.ops.anim.keyframe_insert(type=‘Rotation’, confirm_success=False)

The error said that the keyword confirm_success was not recognised.

It didn’t take long to find and fix, but my concern is this…

First, I looked at a couple versions of the Python API, and sure enough the keyword did disappear recently.

Then, I tried searching the API change logs, but didn’t see anything about it.

What is the best way to keep up with Python changes?



some infos here…

…or is that where you saw it?

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The most recent Python API changes are always listed in the api documentation, and are generated automatically:

A historical record of changes can be found on the wiki, but since these are hand-made docs there’s more chance for something not making it into the notes: https://wiki.blender.org/wiki/Reference/Release_Notes

That said, it’s worth noting that 2.93.6 to 3.3.1 is a pretty big jump- any time you wait this long to update your scripts you should expect there to be a lot of breaking changes that will need to be updated. So many versions have passed that it would be a pretty difficult task to track down each version that changed it, etc.

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Gotta add that the API changelog can be found for multiple versions (not just the “current” as the above link).

IE for 3.3, head over to the homepage of the v3.3 API documentation: https://docs.blender.org/api/3.3/

And you should see a link to the changelog as it was back in that version.
You could also just open the “current” changelog page, and try to switch version from the left side menu, but it might not always work as the documentation structure might have changed across versions too.