[BPY] Official wiki docs for scripts

Hi all,

It took way longer than expected, sorry. But finally we have two examples for the wiki documentation at:


The examples:

Save UV Face Layout (done by Levi aka reD_Fox):


AC3D Exporter:


This is just a start, to get feedback, more volunteers and, of course, to create a basic layout / template that we become happy with and can use for the other scripts.

Besides this, Brendon (Meta_Androcto) has been hard at work completing the Scripts Catalog:


First he’s adding the needed info, then we will take care of layout, etc.

So: do the two example docs look readable and informative enough already?

Let me add the first suggestion:

The Save UV Face Layout script is a good candidate for a few more pictures illustrating its use. For example, 1) show a resulting layout, then 2) the image painted on top of it in Gimp or whatever open source 2d painting app and finally 3) a nice render with that texture applied.

Of course this doesn’t need to be done by Levi, it shouldn’t be hard to get someone else to contribute 3 nice images that both illustrate well a case and give a good impression.

Excellent start, it does a good job describing the different parameters and the problems with the script.

Images would be nice, yes (sadly, I don’t have good enough models to show).

Regarding the different bugs reported, I’ll be sure to fix them for the next release (the tga extension bug and the editor bug).

Also, someone added SVG support (there’s a patch in the tracker). I’m reviewing the patch and then committing this along other fixes (taken from the initial script review thread).

Good job!


Alright, I’m currently updating the script in CVS with the following changes:

  • SVG export support (thanks to Jarod’s patch in the tracker)
  • Faster tga export (from Jarod’s patch too)
  • Fixes from the review thread and the wiki:
    ** No longer adds the extension (tga or svg) if already there
    ** Adds the object name in between the filename and extension (and not after the extension if it was already present)
    ** Renamed options here and there.

Regarding the editor problem (not opening the file), it seemed to work properly here, so I’m investigating.


Hmm. For me (windows), I need a space:
os.spawnl(os.P_NOWAIT, bEditPath.val, " ", filepath)
os.spawnl(os.P_NOWAIT, bEditPath.val, “”, filepath)

Whether that works for all OS’s, I don’t know.

Also, I’ll give the new version a work-over and update the wiki docs (but I will probably wait for the next Blender release). I can also add a mini-tutorial section at the end that includes some pictures like Ianwill mentioned. They will be fairly simple models, though. :slight_smile: