BPyC script list

Let’s try this again. :slight_smile:

After a largely unsuccessful attempt at promoting a script repository:
I decided to go a different route based on some things I discussed with patrick7. I’ve seen lists of script links come and go, the most recent being:
So, I decided to continue that effort and create a community-driven script list. Sort of like a moderated blog for python scripts.

BPyC script list:

I have just recently imported brendon murphy’s list of scripts from that thread (thanks Brendon!), so there are close to 125 scripts currently in the list. They still need to be sorted and verified, though.

What we need:

  1. Maintenance - if you are a trusted individual and are willing to help organize and verify script links, or test scripts for basic functionality, contact me and I can get you set up. You don’t have to do much (hopefully, many hands will make light work). I personally won’t be going through more than one or two script links a week (if that).
  2. Content - if you have a script or know of a script that is not listed, post it. You don’t need an account.
  3. Suggestions - contact me with suggestions for layout or improvement (or post them here). I’m open to ideas.

Also, I want to put one last plug in for the repository. It’s not dead yet, but it doesn’t have much life, either. If you are a script author or are in need of a place to host your script, please do not hesitate to make use of it.
Repository: http://hhofministries.org/bpyc/scripts.php
Instructions: http://hhofministries.org/bpyc/faq.php#scripts