Bpython GUI with Windows.

(Also posted at Blender.org and on the bf-python mailing list.)

Hi. , at http://www.freewebs.com/joeedh/BPyGUI.zip , documentation included, is the first prerelease of my Blender window-based GUI library, codenamed BPyGUI.

I’ve decided to post what I have, since school is starting. Hopefully I’ll be able to release a developer’s guide to extending BPyGUI within the next few weeks (for now–hack at your own risk!).

BPyGUI has the following features:
A window object that can be shaded.
A button object.
A vertical scroll object.
A textbutton object that isn’t finished yet.
Basic color-based theming support.

Oh, and this is in no way code- or design-related to theeth’s GuiC (It was only two days ago that I managed to that to work). But it is inspired by it! Well, screenshots of it. All thanks to theeth!


p.s.: Any ideas on a good name? BPyGUI sounds. . .well, let’s face it, it’s a terrible name.

Beside what I said on the blender.org forum, I wanted to make sure you knew I redid some GUI classes months ago. Not really finished or anything, but maybe it can give you some ideas (not that it does anything better than yours does, mind you).


This seems pretty nice so far. Have you seen the MH GUI library released with the original Make Human scripts?


It may provide some more inspiration.

Something that I was wondering about the other day is whether it would be possible to write a GUI library such as yours that emulated the look and feel of the rest of the Blender interface. It would be nice to give script writers the option to create GUIs that blended seamlessly with the rest of the program. The look is easy enough, not sure about the nicely animated docking menus…

Yes, it would be possible. . .Blender widgets are actually really simple.

In fact, I could design a “theme” module that overrides everything’s Draw method. . .except that the variable ‘self’ wouldn’t be passed to them. . .

Geerrrr… .