brachiosaurus beginning

I’m a modeller beginner who saw Jurassic Park few days ago and decided to create brachiosaurus.
I have basement of head done. Can you look at the picture and tell me if something is wrong before I continue with detailing? To be honest, I still don’t understand how “good” mesh flow should look like. I’m not sure about nostrils area.
Thx very much

Not bad, especially since you are a beginner, but i dont know about organic topology, so i cant help you there.
BTW, why dont you embed a thumbnail of your image here? Image shack provides you with the code. simply copy paste it (scroll down on the page you gave a link to)

Nice start, the mesh flow looks good to me but I’m a noob. One thing you might want to do before you continue much further is select your mesh and hit the set smooth button. It will get rid of that blocky texture it has. This thread here might give you some tips and tricks on controling, correcting, and maintaining good mesh flow

Happy Blending :slight_smile:

@ DDD: I forgot. Thx for tip
@ billie: I prefer solid settings while modelling. (I’ll do next screenshot smooth especially for you ;))

I changed the topology much to get circular eyebow (hope it’s the word in english :))
I’m back with an image when I have more. (If I will have more… sometimes I just delete all because it makes me angry)

head almost done, still needs tweaking

comments welcomed