Braiding animation around tube

hi everyone,

i am quite new to blender.
for a project i want to visualize yarns that are braiding around an object. i just saw that there is an animation node tutorial for knitting.

do you maybe have an idea how i could start?

Happy about any tips and thanks in advance!

I thought of this:

thank you, i tried the tutorial somehow it doesn’t work, can’t find the inheritance effector node to proceed… :frowning:

Well, I’m not going to investigate right now, I don’t know offhand what the inheritance effector node is but I am guessing animation nodes or geometry nodes which I think this is neither… Have you seen this?

I think this is what is related to an inheritance effector:

okay, thank you! somehow didn’t figure that out. have to try it another way but thank you anyway

Yeah, I think its pretty advanced, but good luck.