Brain Food Demo

Download - 110 MB

Here is the 1-level demo of Brain Food, a top-down zombie shooter.
Windows only, sorry. Street Select in the menu just starts the game.
There is a sound problem where sounds don’t finish or never start. Maybe it is just me though.
This is made in Multitexture with only one light, so it should run very smoothly.

Feed back on the movement feel and gameplay is appreciated.

NOTE: Just tell me if the upload has problems and I will attempt to fix and re-upload.

This is called Brain Food because of the cereal in the game called Grey Matter Chunks. So the title doesn’t just suggest brain eating zombies, but also that there is food involved.


i was waiting for this game LOL

So when I put out the finished game, no one can complain about any movement or control issues. . .

woooow havent seen a so-near-to-finished game in a while!
downloading now!

wow i liked it!
here are my thoughts about it!
-slenderman meets the walking dead? LOL
-not being racist… but the black zombies are hard to see
-visual glitch when you aim to a place that is far away into the fog, the red dot texture gets messy
-walking is kinda weird, you should add the ability to walk to the sides
-daylight scenarios?(i cant see much in darker places xD)
-i LOVED the rain and fog and everything!

ITS AWESOME keep up like that!

Black zombies add difficulty and variety. The visual glitch isn’t anything I can do anything about. It is mist meets add. You can walk side to side, but it is local. I do agree, the walk is a awkward, but I don’t really know another simple way to do it. Any suggestions?

make the walk global? i think it is better as long as the camera doesnt moves
i think that the “local” movement is better in FPS and TPS but in top-down shooters global moving is the way to go
away from that it looks nice :wink:

But how do I match up the legs to the direction when there is free look?

The game was fun I enjoyed it but it was way too dark, I found myself straying my eyes too much all the time, plus the fact that i couldnt press W + A, or A + S, in other words combine was adn d, to walk in diagonal directions was irritating.
I agree that global Moving would probably suit it better, good luck with it!
Good stuff, looking forward to the updates! :slight_smile:

ahm that is something i didnt think about xD
you should find a way as i have no idea on this lol

and i think krystof is right: you cant combine multiple keys to walk diagonaly like in most shooters

I tried that too, and the animations messed up. . . But I will revisit to see if I can do anything to make it better. Thanks!

One of my friends suggested getting rid of A and D ability. So only foreward and backward. How does that sound?

Lightened up:

That would be nice to have on iOS/Android devices.

Your graphics are looking really nice, cam.dudes! Keep up this project!

BlendingBGE, I wish. I have no idea how I would do that. I don’t even have a smart phone.

Thank you NinjAcademy. What might throw you is I made the camera about the size of the pictures. So that is pretty much the view size I made it for. I don’t like making a fullscreen games. :stuck_out_tongue: Just something about them don’t sit well with me. Maybe my computer just can’t handle bigger images.

i think you are looking for this!
i found it while googling for a zombie survival game lol!

I’m just going to get rid of A and D movement. Simpler I guess.

It’s a very good game,I really like it the only thing is what when I press w for some time the character completely stops moving.

I don’t think I can do anything about that. In 2.63, it was fine. But then 2.64 came around and he started getting stuck at edges or something in the ground mesh. It happened in 2.49 a long time ago.

how can you rotate the character by moving the mouse around? did you made a script for it?

Monter’s S2A. Get the mouse’s location and make an object move there andhave the player track to that object.