Brain Freeze

Hi All!

I’ve started converting my Brain t-shirt designs into 3D models. Some may be animated but not all. But your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

For now, I’ve only got one done.

This is the original art I made for t-shirts, and stickers (which you can buy here)

This is the Result

Here’s the 360 animation

Now, I BADLY wanted to fully re-create this in Blender. Unfortunately, my computer is crap and very old. It’s Crappy Old Junk. So I can’t use Blender’s Sculpt mode without crashing the entire system. Oddly enough, Zbrush works surprisingly well on my system (friend gave me the program).

    • I first used the program’s Zsketch mode to create a basic mesh. Then I did a lot of moving, poking, and smoothing. A TON of Smoothing to get the brain’s body…er brain.
    • I then used re-topology to remodel the mesh into a low-poly for use in Blender. Remember, when it comes to Blender, less polys is better for my system.
  • -I then did the same for the teeth.
  • -For the body of the brain, I unwrapped it down the middle and gave it the same basic 3 colors from the original art.
  • -The teeth was a pain to to deal with because of the details in the ‘low-poly’ mesh. But I simply added materials the teeth and gums.
  • -The eyes are super basic so I’ll not explain their process.
  • -I applied armeture to the eyes so I can animated them if needed (via Tracking to separate Empties).
  • -I then applied Lattice to the eyes and adjusted them to fit the brain’s body.
  • -I also applied a single larger Lattice to those 2 lattice, the teeth, and the body so I can squish it to the proper shape/size.
  • -The Ice cube was pretty simple to sculpt and retop. The hard part was getting it to look like ice. being my 1st time making ice, I had no glue what to do. i simply kept playing with the settings til I was close.
  • -I then found a great texture on and implemented that as both a UV for the cube, a displacement, and a bump-map.
  • -Gave it all a simple 2 light set up, through in a fave shadow for the eyes, and rendered. Took al night to render a large frame with SSS enabled, but it looked good.

For the animation I kept it small and removed the SSS from the cube to save rendering time. I also added drips to the ice with 2 lattice and floating drips from the model.

haha this is realy cool, I love it

great work!
i like the drops in the turntable render!

Thanks, Guys.

If you have any ideas or suggestions to improve it, I’m all ears. :wink: