Here it is, all grose looking. About 17000 polys while sculpting and subsurfed to around 2.2million polys. Render time 13min.


Yummy :stuck_out_tongue:

Lots of detail… Looks really nice :slight_smile:

You could try and make a jar of slime for it to go in

Looks like something from Doom 3.

I’m liking the jar of slime idea… or maybe it needs tentacles and biomechanical stuff coming from it. Or a Samus Aran to blow it to pieces with missiles.

brain is a important part of our human.every thing are due to a sixth sense it helps to think more

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Are they acurate cortex features or just roughed out? Just googled some actual brains and I think that it would be much better if the lumpy bits are squeezed together a bit more. But cooool anyway.

The Blender Brain from Blenderback Swamp

Is it not more a grayish tint with small veins in it? You know the white and the grey tissue. Recently watched a documentary about brain issues where they where cutting inbetween the gyruses of the brain to get access to an aneurysma and bypass it.

I don’t know a easy way to get the squishy effect.

The brain I used as a reference looked the same colour as my one.

oO a very fresh one maybe, but skin varys the same way, some let see more veins some fewer. scaries genetic colored mice brain i read about but not really references for colour of natural brains.