Brain .

Hi guys , this is my latest render , hope you like it :slight_smile: !
If you have any question or criticism ,don’t hesitate .

Du bon boulot, ca ressemble pas a grand chose avec la version AO mais ca deviens juste magnifique au rendu final. Je suis fan

Merci :slight_smile: !

J’aime bien l’utilisation des couleurs, good work :slight_smile:

A real piece of artwork. Wonderful!

@ Thanks LiquidApe !
@ Merci Ghilas Hardgeek !

Wow! I really like it! Nice job!

This is a really cool concept. I’m interested in some of your materials. Can you share your .blend?

Yes of course ,I will give you my files via Wetransfert ! Can you give me your e-mail or something like that ?