Braingraft - sketchbook

(pachupp) #21

Great progress.

(David) #22

Testing GP. I have to admit that drawing experience is very smooth

(David) #23

More GP :smiley:


(David) #24

more fun with GP :smiley:

(David) #25

(0rAngE) #26

Hey braingraft, really cool sketchbook throughout!
Loved seeing all the GIFs and vids.
Your GP sketches also look very impressive.
Rock on :beers:

(David) #27

(David) #28


(David) #29

(David) #30

work in progress

(David) #31

I Fixed some proportions and shapes. Now looks better ?

(David) #32

In 2.8 everything looks like candy :wink:
Low poly mesh- 1320 TRIS
single diffuse map

(8tintin) #33

Very nice. Maybe some more details on the top of the feet?
I love your painting work :smiley:

(David) #34

Finish this one

video timelapse of painting

(Nine Prisms) #35

Really amazing to see how you paint, thanks for sharing! The character looks really good, both your textures and the shape!