Brains! (material)

Blender Battles Material Challenge #8

Downlaod it:

Think you can do better? Then download the starter file from here and upload your finished render to Blender Battles.

That’s gross! I think the crevices should be deeper…good job!

Agreed. But a great work for just a material though.

I need a brain mesh and texture for my site, Brain Productions. Do you think you could give me the .blend of that, or no?

Another winner Wiggie! I hope CYann Catches a glimpse of this one, he loves them gross textures.

come on guys get into it. we need more brains


Nice material, looks good.

Ic3Cold: If you want lots of brain .blends (among other icky looking textures) this post reminded me of the Organic Shaders Thread here theres lots of pages worth (took me a while to read through) but theres textures for brain looking materials and a couple of teeth/eye/muscle textures as well. Many of which include the .blend


Nice effect. I’ll be charch. Stucci [wall out/size 0.750]/Disp + bump on + Ray Mirror


can i eat it?! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice work on the material, what procedural settings did you use if you used any?

Here’s the blend: