Brainstorming video tute hosting

Hey everyone,

Seems like hosting and bandwidth is the main obstacle for the whole video tute thing.

Now as it turns out, I just happen to be a web developer, so I could set up a site really easily, but as some people have correctly pointed out, the real killer would be bandwidth. I.e. someone posts a great video tute, and 10,000 blender users chug the monthly bandwidth budget in ten minutes.

So my question is this: If I set up a site where anyone could upload video tutorials, and you saw one you liked, would you be happy to pay a couple of bucks for the download? (based on file size I suppose).

I haven’t looked at any stats or done any figuring out, but surely two or three bucks per download would cover any costs of extra bandwidth for the month. Also payment gateways like to take a monthly slice of the action.

Now I know what you’re thinking, this guys just trying to make a quick buck off the blender community. For what it’s worth, the thought did cross my mind :o)

But when you think about it, no ones going to give my site tutes for free so I can make money off them, so that wouldn’t work. And it would be waaay to complicated to try and manage some sort of royalty thingamyjig between myriads of contributors around the world and their various bank accounts…

So I thought why not just use any money to cover any hosting and bandwidth costs, then send the rest to the blender foundation? I don’t know about you, but new features in blender are worth a lot more to me than a bit of money coming in on the side. Hell, I could even have the payment gateway pay directly into a blender foundation account (as long as they kept the hosting and bandwidth costs topped up).

Anyways that’s my idea… btw if you want to see the sort of sites I do mine is at and one I’ve done with a shopping cart is at


Hmmm ok, I thought it was a good idea. Nevermind. At least the poll was funny :wink:

Hosting has been an issue because mirrors keep on dropping like flies. Fortunatly, is still around, so we do have one server that is alive and can handle the load.

Of course, we have to get Greybeard to upload the files on the site, but Bittorrent will offer us a way to get files available to the public immediatly. I’m all for being a self-sufficient community, and keeping it free for the community. The only people that should pay for video tutorials are those that want it on a DVD disc (hint hint wink wink).

Yes, we’ve had Ibiblio and Bittorrent from the beginning, but the problem with the bittorrent tracker is that having one on my site was against my hosting company’s EULA. Now, that has changed. I switched companies, and a tracker is the first thing to go up. Also, managing many mirrors was a big pain. Adding, droping, contacting, etc.; it was a mess. Now, if we just have one mirror and a torrent tracker? Bingo. If the tutorial collection get’s moved to the Wiki? Bingo, most annoying problems solved. I hated updating the list of mirrors in the CMS, because each entry was it’s own paragraph, and each paragraph had to be edited by opening up another page.

So, my comment about hosting being the thing that really slowed me down with my tutorials, that was because it was a big pain to manage. Now, it’s not so much a pain anymore. Hosting isn’t a problem (unless Greybeard says it is :)). Now I’m just waiting for the official release so I can make some official video tutorials.