Brainstorming .Web-Design

i´m about to redesign my homepage.
You can help me by simply telling me what you hate on
websites, and what you like.
I don´t want to create a site that piss people off.:stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe some links to terrible sites, so i know what not to do.
…and some to genius sites to get some inspirations.

thank´s in advance…


HTMLSource has some articles on how to optimise your site to make it as available as possible and as professional as it can be.
Good luck :wink:

Thanks, might be exactly what i was looking for.

I hate websites that arent about me being the greatest person in the universe.

Nah to be honest the thing I hate most about websites is when they are massively jumblled and finding your way around is hard. So as long as its well laid out, you got my thumbs up your a**se, I mean thumbs up :o

shifty eyes

I hate websites filled with every color of the rainbow (gives me a headache). I also hate when a website has more than 4 ads of any kind on it.

What I hate:

*websites that have a form over function style. I hate, I mean, hate flash or smooth looking sites that take a long time to load only to have very little content and in the case of a portofolio, has very small images where you can barely see the details. If it has content and we can see them clearly, its fine with me

*Websites that have a total lack of style or design. Ie, an almost blank page with only text and tables and so on.

*Websites with a very poorly chosen background which makes the text illisible.

*Websites with very unorganised content and broken links

What I like
*simple and efficient designs that are easy to use even if the website has a lot of content. Blenderartists homepage is a nice simple design. does a good job on organising all the info into a easy to use and good looking page

So, “Function over Form”…but don’t ignore the form please :slight_smile:

I’m actually working on my personnal website right now
It’s not complete but it will be finished soon so take a look, you might have a few ideas.

Generally, a well structured design i.e. text and other elements arranged in a good, clean way is the road to sucess. including things such as good navigation and so on.

Then a good clean colour scheme would be the next best thing.

The site doesnt need to be fancy, it just need to be clean and well presented which so many designers seem to not understand and think webdesign is about making eyecandy (eyecandy does better for adverts, not constantly used items where the design will become netual after a while and its only the content people are interested in, so why make it harder for them to read the content on the site?)

Anything that relies on Javascript, Flash (oh god, I hate it) or table layouts gets an automatic fail in my book.

I wonder which is best: frames or tables?
I’ve heard people praising tables and people loving frames, but which concrete advantages does every one of them have?

I can tell you what they have in common: they suck, and people who do not know how to make a web page properly or are just lazy use them.

Frames mean you get to have a website that displays differently in several browsers, if at all. And they are slowly being killed off, as CSS matures hence why the doctype frameset is needed for frame based sites…

Tables means you get to fuck up text-browser because it still uses tables for formatting tabular data so you wont be too popular there when they prefer linear data… Tables are also messy code wise for not only yourself to read, but others and technically speaking, their not even designed to layout a design… Thats like using a rock to paint with instead of a brush.

Thanks for the comments, I know this isnt my thread but I’m very interested into all this info on designing websites. I’m almost finished with mine but I have been using tables for the layout (as it’s the only thing I have been taught how to do) I do know some CSS and it seems it’s the way to go so I’ll be looking at it on how do use them for the layout.

@Edeehem (and all those interested in html): I suggest you take a look at the site i mentioned above. You can learn a lot from it, from basic html to scripting, css and even things like site management and publicity!

Thank you all…

Thats exacly why i decided to rebuild my site.
Right now i have allmost no usefull content, but everything is
moving and fade in and out on mouse-events.
Somehow i like it but its hard to maintain and not very atractive
to anyone but me.

Is it realy that bad?? My idea now whas to make a navigation type of
menu with flash, and all the content with pure Html.
For Music flash is a good way to make online pre-listen players.
Maybe i simply do both versions, one with Flash menu and one without.

Right now i use frames but i think i gona go for css now.
I think i got a simple, strait forward design (just on paper right now thoug) thats easy to maintain. My main focus will stick on usefull content however (hopefully;))

I let you now when i got something to load-up.
Till then… have fun!

lukus: I don’t understand your hate of tables. Frames do suck. But sometimes, tables seem the only option. How else can you organize, say, products for sale?

I’d like to know which I ought to use. Tables are better than frames seen from the point of view of a webmaster who wants to accomodate as many as possible people, or so I have heard.
So should I use tables or go for something else?

What do you mean by products for sale?

Do you mean like your average e-commerce where you’d generally have a product title, price, disc and thumbnail generally in a “box” or relationally located so it looks that way? If so, Divs and CSS my friend.

CSS allow you to transform Divs and many other HTML elements into differernt box shapes (width and height in css) You can use it to possition an image inside that div in the same spot every time. Simply make a CSS class or ID and add class=“myCSSclass” within the HTML tag and wahalah, cleaner code and standard compliant…

Or maybe something which resembles a spreadsheet, where table would actually be pratical? I’d say that was tabular data wouldnt you?

Here’s an example of things you don’t want to do

I’m designing a site too. There’s some really good tips here in this thread thank you, guys.

Say, you talk about how tables and especially frames are to be avoided. Now what is the CSS alternatie I’ve been hearing about?
I know html and css (partly), but I don’t know how you can use css to determine your page’s layout.
Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Ross Shannon has got a page on non-dithering colours which is useful if you want the colours of your web page to look the same on every browser and on every computer.

When coding in css always have more then one browser for testing.
Use IE, and FF and maybe even Opera or Safari.
When using IE use a slightly older version.

Don’t go css-crazy. i mean it’s a great technology but it’s not God.
If you think you need a table at some point, use a table.
Tables are great for dynamic data anyway.

Don’t use frames if you don’t have to. CSS and tables make up a way better alternative.
You can also use iFrames but they suck.

There’s a website out there that lets you pick colors and shows a set of matching colors. ideal for you text and links. I’m not at home and I don’t know the name. I’ll look into it.

Keep your image sizes small but not too small. Don’t lose detail.

When using audio, make sure there’s an off-switch!

Go to css Zen Gardens for a wonderful display of css but I think they overdid it because it’s purely css.