Brainwave - could this work? How to bypass texture memory limits with AI

I know nothing about programming so no idea if this is possible or not… Anyway since i cant buy a new graphics card an i appear to be running out of memory easily especially with GPU rendering an only 8GB vram… I had this brainwave.

If system runs out of memory and cannot render, give option to limit all textures down to 4K or 2K whatever allows the render, THEN have a special node in the compositor which is an AI upscaler trained specifically for textures, that can take just the texture data rather than the entire image, and upscale it back up to 4K 8K or whatever then it adds that detail back into the final image.

Changing resolution of textures from 4K to 2K.

Generally the best approach is to load all textures starting from very low (512pixels) and then fetch high res as you go on depending on the needs. Of the scene. The most efficient implementation as of talking right now is the Unreal 4 engine. You might see this if you download a few demos, that if you change scene too fast the textures might be blurry and after 3 seconds become high res.

AI upscaler node

Generally, a good idea. Once the texture-nodes project starts gaining momentum, lots of room for additions and improvement there. Perhaps the upscaler can be adaptive so it can control the details.

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