Brake discs using curves

This tutorial is probably already on this forum, but i just found out how to make these things using curves only, this makes it take up much less memory, and is quicker and easier to make.

1)Delete the default cube

2)Press spacebar+Add+Curve+Bezier Circle

3)Add another one and scale it down using S

4)Duplicate it, using Shift+D, and move it near the edge of the first circle, and scale it down

5)Duplicate it 3 more times, to make it look like this:

6)Select all of these small circles, using Shift+Right Click, press . (the period key), and duplicate it, press R, Hold Ctrl, and rotate it in 30 degree intervals around the whole circle.

View the next post to see what to do next.

7)The final step is to Press Tab to go into object mode, Press F9, and in the Curve and Surface tab, set the extrude to 0.05:

[size=6]OK… bearings fag bearings nsk bearings timken Bearings [/size]

Oh, I used this and didn’t even thank you!


Thanks! This will surely prove helpful to me in the future!

This tutorial is probably already on this forum

Yes, it is, but it’s buried in an old thread and linked in Selected Modeling Threads. It’s good to see stuff like this in Tutorials, where more people will look for it and find it. Good work, tomrebel2. :smiley:

unfortunatley UV’s are the only problem :frowning:
PS: for nurbs in general did you know you can 3d them using lattices? (buggy but cool)

Alt+C to convert it to a mesh.
Curves are just a different way to manipulate vertices.
Had you done this using circles (mesh) and pressed Shift+f, the result would have been the same.
Thats what i did with my ferrari

looks great

Simple but nice.

Thanks for this, I’m sure this will prove useful in the future, when I decide to move away from aircraft and get more ‘down to earth’ XD. Anyone? no? …

Humm, sorry for bump, but I don’t fully understand it, I mean, How do I get the space between the different circles to be “filled”?

Oh, darn, nvm. Had to go to 2D mode. Never used curves before.

When I convert the curve to a mesh the geometry gets all messed up. Any suggestions?


Neither do I =/