Branbo's Sketchbook - 2023 ~?

:brazil: Branbo’s Sketchbook - Pt. 1 :brazil:

Here we go again, trying to learn blender.
More focused but with less time to practice. 
Hope i don't give up this time.

asdf The Tibian Mace asdf

Tibia… the best of worst games that i love. I would like to go back 20 years in time, and discover it again. last-day-of-r-place-we-deserve-a-spot-who-wanna-go-v0-t9d8xv30idr81


Nice texturing :slight_smile: welcome to BA’s best kept secret, the sketchbook section. There’s a small but thriving community of people here who typically engage with each other‘s sketchbooks- and they’re all delightful, talented, helpful people. I’ll personally be following your sketchbook with interest, I’d encourage you to browse around the sketchbook section and engage with people’s sketchbooks. They’ll engage back for sure.

Side note: I like the Brazil flags. Brazilian food is awesome. I practically lived off of feijoada com presunto in college :grin:


Thanks, Joseph! I saw your welcoming post on “Maelstrom’s Sketchbook”. It was so kind (unlike some youtuber’s discord servers that i’m in), that encouraged me to start one too, even with my poor english.

I miss the good old days of internet, when forums were the big deal for anything you w looking for. But browsing around here in BA, and seeing some interactions between users, it gave me that good feeling again.

Anyway, thanks again for your compliment. And, if i could say… you’re a hero for surviving eating feijoada frequently. And your room mates (if you had any) are heroes too… i could even say that they’re gods for enduring the test of “hours after feijoada”, if you know what i mean. hahahahahaha


A sack of rice, a sack of beans, and a hambone from a butcher… food for a week for five dollars, works great when you have no money :sweat_smile: anyway I don’t mean to detail your sketchbook, looking forward to seeing what else you make!


Welcome, welcome! :confetti_ball:

Yeah, there are definitely some games I would love to re-discover for the first time. Ah, but making props for imaginary updated versions is at least as much fun. Good job!


:small_red_triangle::no_entry::small_red_triangle: — Suz… anne? — :small_red_triangle::no_entry::small_red_triangle:

She was invited to drink some tea, but something gone wrong. Poor host, or hostess…


:warning: — WIP —:warning:

Another one from tibia. Magic Light Wand.gif

Well, well… i need to learn nodes. (in a decent way…)
Unfinished yet, but… baby steps, baby steps. :smiling_face_with_tear:


You’re in for a good start, and welcome to the club :-))

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