The stems would have definitely benefited from a texture, but since the whole thing is just one fused mesh, it’s tricky working out the UV’s. I didn’t have to much trouble with leaves though.

That’s pretty good, would be nice to see in a scene. I dare you to make a whole tree that way lol. How long did it take to render and stuff?

dang man… a whole tree with vert pushing would take a year lol

anyways it would be sweet if that kinda modeling would be adapted into a tree generator

great work man

I probably should’ve kept track of the rendering time, but I’d say it was no more than an hour. Now add in a few trees to that and you’ve probably got a rendering time of… oh say… 200 hours.


I’m wondering if there is a practical method to make several duplicates of this same model, easily give each of them sufficient random variations, and then fuse them together with a few other models to make a realistic tree. That idea is probably too simplistic, and too vague, to go anywhere though.

8.3 Days???!!! My goodness! What did you do? Model the pores in the leaves too? Geewiz, what’s the poly count on that thing?

Um, yeah, I was being hypothetical. Assuming I try to render several trees with that level of modeling it would probably take days. It wouldn’t take that long for the picture you see. Read my last post again.