Branched Path tracing is more graphics stressful?

Good morning to all.
I have a gtx 1060 and I’m running with a problem. I came to ask your opinion.
If I run cycles with Full Global Illumination an Path Tracing with 4096 AA (64 samples X Square samples) it continues the render smoothly until the end, very clean image.
Keeping the Full Global Illumination and changing to Branched Path Tracing (Square Samples, D8 G8 1 1 1 1 1) with 4 AA samples, it’s enough to crash the Graphics Driver.
Is it because the kernel is not the final one, or Branched Path Tracing is very Graphics Card stressful, could my GTX be broken, or any other reason?

Thank you very much!

As far as I know, the BPT integrator takes a bit more GPU memory because it’s more complex than regular path tracing (such is the thing about the way a GPU works

I think I have to wait for the final Pascal support to get Antialiasing in the PT, cause with BPT still with a very noisy image and just a few passes, GTX1060 cannot handle it. Maybe with final support BPT behaves different to.
Thank you Ace Dragon!

There is no problem with Antialiasing and normal Pathtracing in the dailybuilds.

Thank you ArcHWiZ, for giving me this amazing news!!!
Now I know can finish a job!
Already tested. Fantastic!

With the latest build 2.78 RC BPT has been achieved an extra level of awesomeness. It is now possible to increase samples of direct lights individually and also AA module has been more detailed…for customization and time reduction with fine controls, cycle can now officially kick some asses…In my comparison among Arnold>Maya, Renderman>Blender and Cycle>Blender, mostly Cycle is winning now. Faster, better, shader coding, creative manipulation…Amazing engine so far… :smiley:

Here is one of my latest experiment…
The plane was noise free…noise was added later for realism.