Brand: Indie game made with Blender

Hello Blender Community,

My name is Etienne Vanier and I’m an artist in a new Canadian indie studio, Nine Dots. For the past 8 months, the five of us have worked full time with no salary to create our first game, Brand. It’s a 2D hack and slash with 3D graphics, with lots of weapon customization. Think Megaman in large Castlevania-like maps. We’ll release it to Xbox Live Indie soon and we’re working on a PC release as well.

All the 3D models were created and animated in Blender. Even our trailer was assembled with the Blender video editor! This software’s availability has been crucial for us as we had almost no money to start this project. In fact, I was referred to Nine Dots’ CEO specifically because I learned Blender on my own in high school (I spent two years with Softimage and one on Max in college. Ha! What software’s useful now, Autodesk!).

I have seen the generosity of open-source users with the Indie Humble Bundles, with Linux users making 25% of the purchases. The Extra Credits fundraisers have also been highly successful as it seems gamers are ready to back up good causes, with actual actions. Our team has good relations with the Extra Credits crew, I’ve been the guest artist for this week’s episode.

We’ve set up a Rockethub page to gather funds that will allow us to purchase equipment and software so we can start another project and really launch our company. If you’re unfamiliar with crowdsourcing (Rockethub being one example), in exchange for an amount of money donated to the cause, we give you perks related to the game. Many of you could be interested in tutorials detailing how to make a game in 3D (with Blender) and how to make a game design document.

Our next game is codenamed Corsair, and will be a spaceship game, similar to Freelancer. If either game sounds interesting to you, I would call upon your generosity to support our indie games. Spending only 10 bucks will net you the PC version of the game and a mention in the credits as a charitable indie supporter. If you could spread the word on Twitter or Facebook and really get the ball rolling, we’ll be able to keep on creating our dream.

Thank you

 Etienne Vanier
 Lead Artist
 Nine Dots Studio

Here’s the Rockethub page:
(The easiest way to contribute is to click on the red “Fuel this project” button and log in with facebook.)

Here’s another screenshot of raw in-game graphics:

Just stunning! :smiley:

NICE! can you post a link to this ROCKETHUB so i can buy your tuts for creation? im willing to donate a substantial sum (not too much though, rents due ;D)

never mind found it :D, also wait till tuesday thats my payday :smiley:

im choosing 50 bucks…someone help me come up with a good screen wording before tuesday!!!

Yes, here’s the link:

Thanks for the support. We have been contacted by several schools in our city that’ll teach Blender to their students in the coming years. If by making quality games with Blender we’re able to give back to the community with popularity and visibility, it would be a win-win situation!

hahah your welcome, i just cant decide on the line im wanting…DANG IT!!!..maybe this will be my line ahahahaa :smiley:

You have quite a lot of time to decide. The fundraiser for Nine Dots Studio ends in three months. Anyway the PC version is not ready yet.

This game looks fantastic! I’ll be adding this to once I switch hosts (soon, I hope).

Graphics and gameplay seem top notch, but the animation seemed a little weak. Either way, looks sweet.

I personally did not see anything wrong in the anims (might not be as lively as original 2d game which later inspired 3d “Prince of Persia”, but…quite good, imo. )…really nice graphics, and the game seems like those golden oldies brought to 3D times, keeping the feel, but adding the extra coolness. IMHo is top work, one more demostration of how capable is Blender when effort is involved. I just cannot agree that you make “your only social circle the people at work”, is just false. Maybe at start, when know little, but I’d delete that idea from my mind in a second project. I’ve been like in 10 companies, half of them were about games, and with good planning, and not loosing time, trying to be efficient for your own benefit, man, you don’t need more than 8 -10 hours a day, as much… I was in a place where we 4, then 3, and we did output a bunch of games in a year (casual games, and one of this size, two) . I’d vote for just that : thought and efficiency tons better than sacrifying social life… As in the end, that does not lead to any good point. In the long run, is loosing. Better to keep things balanced, like usual, in live. Habit makes knowledge and gives speed and efficiency. As i know from experience,(also a bit old already, lol ) thought I’d add my 2c.

My best wishes, quite a professional product you built.

Just stunning! :smiley: