Brand new 4DX theaters are like a 1.5-3 hour long amusement park ride

They have it all, 3D, smell simulation, moving seats, rain effects, and other bells and whistles. Imagine the short 4D experiences at amusement parks but blown up to fit a full-length movie.

The only drawback according to the article though can be a big one if popcorn and soda is a big deal to you, because the moving seats can cause you to spill your popcorn and the rain effects can make it soggy (don’t tell me how you’re supposed to sip Pepsi without choking during a big action scene).

In fact, the article suggests you should skip the concession stand altogether (which in turn could actually slow the adoption of this concept since most theaters rely on snack sales for revenue).

I myself could see this being fun for some movies, but I’m not really sure if it’s worth getting soaking wet if the movie has a lot of water scenes (though for the water you can turn it off). I also wonder of the potential to become distracted by the effects so as to not know what’s actually going on in the movie, but I would have to experience it first to get a good opinion.

The future, or another idea gone bad?