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Hello to all,

Im new to the forums, I’ve been playing with blender for about a year now and i think i have come a long way since my first yellow cone red ball and blue cube render, but i know i have a long way to go still. I’ve been looking for a tutorial on gemstone but cant seem to finbd anything could anyone point me in the proper direction, or just give me the quick lowdown.

Many thanks in advance-

Made you a short movie 2Mb

Hope this helps,


While I thought i had the mesh down that was a great movie your mesh was much better than mine. But I guess i should clarify I’m looking for information more on the materials and rendering, specifically i’ve been reading about caustics(sp?).

Again thanks for that great vid Greybeard think im going to go remake my mesh now :slight_smile:

BTW- how did you make that video, thats a great tool for showing others blender, I have a buddy in across the country who just recently DLed blender and i find it difficult to explain some things over the phone or on a messenger service.

Thanks again for the awesome and quick reply Greybeard.

at the material buttons you must look at three sliders: your alpha value and under mirror transp the reflection and IOR sliders. you must search the IOR of the gemstone and put that value at the IOR slider.

getting causistics.
first you need yafray ( ). then select in the render buttons under render instead of blender internal, yafray. click on the apeared tabs and deselect XML and at the second tab (yafray gi) method full.
select your main light. its recommed to increase the energy value. then duplicate that lamp leaving it at the same position. in the material buttons you now see a button with photon. press it. you must change the value photon to a million or more (depends on the speed of your computer).

press f12 and you probably see causistics.

note: causistics is a light effect. you need a surface to collect the light of causistics.

To get true caustics you have to use yafray which I’m not very familiar with. With the internal raytracer the best you can do is something like the following

Here are the settings I used

To make the movie I used a program called xvidcap which is a linux program – I’m sure there are similar programs for other platforms.


Thank you both-

I have yafray installed but seems like mine freezes up every time i try to use it that’ll require some work tomorrow as for the gemstone it still doesn’t look right dunno i’ll have to play with the material alues more tomorrow, as fr me its time to head to bed.

Thanks again fellers.