Brand new here, and with Blender

Stolked to be here.

I just typed out this whole introduction, then grabbed it to spell check in my gmail, and can’t past it back???


NOTE: Figured this out below. Pleased read past the first few mails if interested. What a noob I am!


enjoy your stay.

Hi, back.

Can you tell me how to paste text here so I don’t have to re-type my first message? That’s so wierd that I can’t do it?


Try firefox, it has a spellchecker built in.

Can you highlight it? Right click? What’s copied to the clipboard when you do?

Failing that, try emailing it to yourself and then copying it.

>>>Ctrl+c text.
>>>edit post.

Yeah, I highleted the text here in the box, then pasted it into my gmail, spell checked, then copied it from my gmail, and can’t opt to right click paste it back? Oh well. I’ll type it out again later. Thanks guys.


Hotkey worked. Thanks for that. Below is my original intro…

Hi everyone.

I am an industry (Animation) Director and board Artist, that has just downloaded Blender for use in both learning the 3-D process for my personal arsenal of tools, and also because that’s (3-D) where I want to be headed in terms of the projects I am working on to pitch/pursue/what have you. A long time 2-D defender ( always keep an open mind) I was finally hooked and forever sold once the “big 2” hit the theatres…Finding Nemo and The Incredibles changed my life completely.

So here I am. An absolute noob, with great board skills in flash and a functional knowledge of about half of what photoshop can do, now committing over the next year to learn how to actually do this. Blender seemed the perfect start, if not a little daunting. I have no idea what some of the stuff is ( Scripts? Is that like html?) and other stuff in the introduction text I get immediately. I hope with a lot of step by step work ( yes, i will do the snowman exercises) I can do this.

Any advice would be appreciated. Also, for my basic introductory exercises, is there anything I will absolutely need to download additionally at this point ( day 1) or should i prepare myself to download at a later date.

I would really welcome any and all thoughts. Thanks everyone…

Ctrl-v not work?

Yep, it did indeed… see above;)

Any advice would be appreciated. Also, for my basic introductory exercises, is there anything I will absolutely need to download additionally at this point ( day 1) or should i prepare myself to download at a later date.

There are many tutorials and things that are handy to have on hand, but no, you’re set to go.

Basically, this is my advice:

  1. Just have a go, try making things, anything.
  2. The spacebar is the key to many actions.
  3. Almost every question you have has been asked before, do a quick search first. Failing that, post here. Many people will help you out.
  4. Try some tutorials. If you get stuck, BA can help.
  5. The interface is good, the interface is fast, we like the interface. Once you get used to it, it is a very fluid thing to use. Before then it’s a bitch.
  6. Follow the forum rules, at least vaguely (you haven’t broken any, don’t worry), you’ll get better and quicker responses that way.

Oh, scripts are programs written in python. They, err, do things. Pretty much anything. Learning python isn’t necessary, but learn how to use the scripts.


Thanx Ian. I feel a little more at ease. I’ll read the posting rules. I was a little over zelous there, but thanx for the re-assurance of no gross violations.

Nice to be here. :wink:


Hello F.C.,

Some good starting links for you :

Working with these three : (The Summer of … points to 10 more articles … “Intro To Character Animation” and “Intro To Materials and Procedure Texturing” both highly recommended.

Basics and Interfaces - Solutions to common problems :

Compositing techniques :

Check out my “How Do I” thread in my signature for other tips.

If you want some already rigged characters to play with, check out the link in my signature to my “Best of Blender” thread, which has links in it to the best rigs that have been created by members of B.A. (none by me :slight_smile: )

Top FAQ’s that you’ll find by searching the forums :

  1. “Python erro” in console when starting up

  2. How do I import other objects / scenes (use the FIle Append function)

  3. How do I use a “Background image” in the viewports.


It’s 1:30 and I’ve been coding something horrible on bad computers in an antiquated and obscure language for hours, so since my subtle joking skills are somewhat lacking, I’ll treat this one as serious.

I was a little over zelous there

Not at all, it’s just that many people start posting half finished works in the finished projects forum, or Q’s about animation in the modelling section. It’s nothing complex, though by the actions of some you’d think it was.

BA is an incredibly helpful place, following the rules just helps it stay that way.

Anyway, back to blender. Blender as you’ve downloaded it (I’d suggest using the official builds from, you can try out different features in other builds or compile it yourself, but the official ones are most bug-free and standardised) is all you need to make, model, sculpt, texture, light, animate, render and composite images, videos (sound?), make games, write scripts, and probably more my caffeine deprived brain can’t think of right now.

Oh, something else about blender. Almost everything has a hotkey. You’ll get to learn them in time, try and keep one hand on the mouse and one on the keyboard. It makes things a lot faster :slight_smile:

Anyway, enough waffling. Enjoy blender.

Thanks all!

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Gotcha, Ian. Thanks again.