Brand new to 3d modeling i am a total n00b help me!

ok i am a complete noob,i have never tried 3d modeling stuff before but i would like to get off to a quick start what is the best tutiol are there any videos because when i read the tutiols they bore me and its like i have a.d.d. can some one please help me i wanna learn at least the basics i want to eventually beable to make pictures of guns in it and learn how to shade.

The mediawiki documentation is the usual way to get to know the ropes of Blender. Then you can try Greybeard’s video tutorials (search for him)

Sorry, I don’t really know any video tutorials, but the first tut I ever did was Gus the ginger bread man. It’s really easy to follow, + teaches you tons of the basics + more. I would highly recomend this one, as it’s basically what got me started.

Good Luck

In my opinion, forget the quick start - it just doesn’t work that way. 3D modelling is deep. Start by paddling at the edges and go deeper when you learn to swim. If you have any thoughts that you’ll be making anything spectacular anytime soon, get rid of those thoughts now.

See the PDF in my sig below for a fairly simple, logical approach to learning Blender. There are video tutorials around. Most are either quite old or quite advanced - or old and advanced. Look in the tutorial forum and see what you find.

One small piece of advice, don’t say “tutorials bore me so can someone tell me a quick way to learn”. People are more likely to offer help to those who’ve already helped themselves and who show a willingness to do whatever it takes to learn.

well its not that video tuts bore me i like the video ones but its the writtin ones its like i cant pay attn to em ,allmost like i have add.
but i have just learned how to pan and zoom in and out and stuff,how long did it take you to learn how to model at least one thing,dose your computer have to be like super powerfull to make a good image or will a hp media center from 2005 work for the job?
i mean like you know how games have requirements on em is it the same way with blender or no?

What I’m saying is learn to follow the written tutes. There simply isn’t enough video stuff out there to get you through the initial learning phase and seeking help from others without having first done the tutorials will leave you disappointed (don’t get me wrong, this forum is extremely willing and helpful). It’s painful and often difficult to read the docs but just do one bit at a time and let it take as long as it takes.

How long does it take to learn to model? The rest of your life.

How long it takes before you’re happy with your abilities depends on what you’re willing to settle for. If you want to model a grey cube then just fire-up Blender, press F12 and pat yourself on the back :slight_smile: A grey sphere will take a little bit of investigation and beyond that - well - it 's all up to you.

I’ve been at it for over a year and I’m comfortable with some things and frustrated by others. I’ve probably investigated less than one quarter of Blender’s capabilites. My ambitions are modest and I have no illusions that I’ll one day work at Pixar. I’m doing it for a bit of fun.

As for machine power - I can’t really help. I run a 1.25GHz, 2003 model Mac G4. Modelling is a breeze and the rendering of the things I do is quite bearable. Anything seriously complex brings it to a stop. So, in the early stages of learning, a 1-2 year old PC should presumably cope easily with most of the stuff you’ll be doing. When you come to make that blockbuster movie though, you might want to upgrade :slight_smile: