Brand New to Blender, brand new knowing nothing!

[>] I have Blender and I want to learn how to use it in graphics. Is there a link that would give the very beginning of basis on how to get started but kind of a step by step tutorial? Any help would allow me to at least get started, say how to put an image inside and then how to proceed from there.

When I open Blender up I have the cursor, and a few other objects but still haven’t been able to catch on as of yet. Dieing to though. So any assistance will get me started in the right direction. [!]


I hope this gets you started…


this has alot of the basics

Here’s a video tutorial that assumes the user knows nothing and has never seen the Blender interface before:

Greg Smith

Here’s a couple o’ links the first one has a lot of good tutorials, the second one is for video tutorials, they’re really good too…