Brand new to Blender - need to trace image and make it 3D

Hello all,

I am brand new to Blender, and started using it to create a 3D logo for a project in one of my college courses. I have a few hours of experience with it so please be easy on me. I used Photoshop to make my logo, added it as a background image to Blender, went into ortho view, and started to attempt to trace my image but fail completely. I see a lot of tutorials but find a few problems with them:

  1. In video tutorials people just blow through the process without explaining shortcuts to get to each different step.
  2. Some tutorials are for older versions and are difficult to translate into the new interfaces.

If anyone could push me in the right direction I am willing to learn but do need to finish this in an efficient manner. I am jumping in the deep end of this and absorbing all information I can but mainly need to get my project done before I explore more.

Any help is greatly appreciated,


Remove that background image and first learn the basics, then you can look at making that logo
There is a link at the top of this forum called ‘New to Blender?’

I usually use a bezier curve for logos, but Andrew Price has a nice method that might be easier, with lots of detailed explanation. Have you seen this tutorial from the Blender Guru?

I have that saved as a bookmark but for some reason I skipped over it. I will try it now, thanks!

Looked at it, it is not as easy as he says for beginners. It is the same as I see a lot. The best way I learn is by doing. It is difficult, inefficient, and too time consuming to learn, and then do.


I made just such a tutorial the other day for a friend.
Inkscape 2D logo/icon to Blender 3D.
It’s just a quick one not much explaining of shortcuts and so on other than the screen cast keys showing in Blender at bottom left.

Hope it helps

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I’m sorry for you. If you have illustrator, any black an white logo can be made in 3d in almost 2 minutes, No matter their complexity (SVG power). Just push the letter v in curve mode edit and have fun…:slight_smile:

Inkscape can also trace a bitmap, turning it to a vector image which you can import to Blender as curves.
How well will that work, no idea because haven’t seen your logo.

I will post my logo in first post and below, thanks for all of the replies!


The surroundings look like they’re supposed to be some sort of lamps which is easy in blender. An array of spheres.
The glass won’t trace well because there’s so little contrast. It won’t extrude round from 2D either so you probably want to model one (a hello world to 3D world).
All is left is to trace the letters but that’s fast to trace in inkscape and import that to blender, remove all the extra and give it extrude and bevel.