Brand New to the Forum, had a question about Water Droplets!

I am attempting to follow along with Blender Guru’s tutorial on making a Rainy Window scene, however, that tut was made a while back, and he is using build 2.66 it looks like, meanwhile I have the 2.79 build.

Needless to say, the option he uses when applying the materials to the water droplets is not available to me. He moves to the materials, an then from a drop down he selects Glass in the Shader section.

I don’t have this option, but I did try tweaking around with the Transparency option, but in the end its no where near correct.

So then I thought, OH! Nodes! But, alas, I cant seem to spawn in the nodes that are usually available…like any of the shaders.

So yeah, I am clearly a Noob…only clocked my 100th hour yesterday, so there is a ton that I don’t know…especially with Nodes, but basically, I feel I am missing something majorly obvious, and that’s aggravating. LOL

any information would be greatly appreciated! :yes:


Hi BricktownMedia,

Have you switched to Cycles Render engine?

Hi. Here are 3 ways to add nodes. Cycles must be selected as Nazari mentioned.