Brass Robot
… are some images of a robot I’m making. So far, I have it’s torso, head/facethingy, the shoulder pieces, and some stubby joints and variouse hookups for more limbs to be added.

This moddle is somewhat based this miniture. I might even give it the mageknight ‘combat dial’ too, when I’m done.


Added some arms, and rigged those up.

The arms have some sockets for the ‘fists’ to be added.
Still no legs.

If your looking for crits you’re going to have to post some diffrent views… from this point I really can’t tell anything so no crits :frowning:
Try Front, Side, and a wireframe

ahehe… I’ll post some different views in a moment…

here are the links to the above images, but on a different server:

These are hosted by a friend of mine… be nice to his server o.o

Alright, here are some new views I cooked up:

and a funny wire mode render that didn’t turn out as well as I hoped

Here are some wireframe screenshots from the editor, rather than rendered:

One question guys. How do you switch to different views? Like back, fron etc.

Use the numpad on the right of the keyboard.

or the view menu… or the middle mouse button…

heres another screenshot:
Added the pelvis thingy this morning (and I think I added the sucky hands last night).

num_pad with ctrl … ie ctrl-7 … from under, ctrl-1… back

Talk about one ugly robot, good work so far, maybe add a shinier base.

lol… thanks, I guess XD

I mentioned this in my first post…
(but maby it was overlooked because of my message about moving the images to a more generous server)
… that the robot is based of this miniture

So by ‘base’, did you mean the thing that its balancing on in the last picture? Because I plan to add some legs to it…
Or where you refering to the combat dial, in the formentioned minature (Like, I dunno, some kind of idea for an artistic differance between the two?)

Please save your images as jpeg instead of png, otherwise I’m not going to risk wasting my 100MB internet quota, which is supposed to last me a few months.

Ah, good idea. I shouldn’t kill my server, either… jpg at a 65% compression shaved the file size down considerably, and didn’t scuzz up the image too badly :slight_smile:

Here are the new links… I removed the old images:
(^^^— added earlier today—^^^)
(^^^— a cool looking wire frame render—^^^)

IMO the wireframe looks better than the normal shaded model :stuck_out_tongue:
keep up the good work!

hahaha, I aggree, sadly XD

Plz get a direct linkable hot no one wants to have to click on 13 links to see an image.

go sign up at the blender gallery hub.
whether you sign up at the above link or at the mudpuddle site, you will get signed up at the above site anyway LOL.

so go sign up.


wait, whats wrong with how I’m hosting it now? Is the server down again?