Braun Aromaster KF 20


Amazing work. The condensation is unbelievably real looking.


You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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Agreed! It’s unbelievably believable :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow. These look amazing. You’ve done really well here. I would buy them, if I actually knew what they were…

Those look like a photo. That condensation is unbelievable, and the detail is so minute. The surface imperfections are perfect. Props to you, my friend.


Superb texture and material design !!!

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Good job! I would played more with smudged roughness in the body instead of relying on the scratches.
Just to be picky though


Omg the amount of detail is mind blowing. I can’t find anything to optimize. Good Job!

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Great stuff. Inspiring. Thanks!

u just won the CG for today!

This ist really awesome!

Out of curiosity how many samples did you use? how did you get such crisp sharp renderings? mine often turn out to be quite blurry.

Thanks! Not sure about samples, maybe about 1200. The image is quite large in order to get such details, so samples ain’t very high. Regards the sharpness, it’s mostly about postproduction in PS.

Thanks for the reply!

HO-LY CRAP, ten star material. Awesome materials and textures! Any details on software used besides Blender?


Here we go again with someone posting photographs, trying to pass them off as something 3D modeled and rendered…

…Oh wait! I see wires were posted - urrm, ahem, never mind…


PS - Joking aside - PROPS! Absolutely outstanding work!

Great studio and colors; fantastic work.

Excellent job


Really cool work!!!

I was amazed to see the water droplets on the glass surface.

Dang, that’s a beautiful coffee maker. Great job.