Bravais Lattices Creator

Bravais Lattices Creator (BLC) is an add-on for Blender that can create Bravais lattices from Blender particle systems
The BLC has usable interface and easy-editing lattices library

The addon page (download link is inside):
The BLC manual:


How it works:

After installing the add-on, BLC panel will be on the Blender Tool Shelf.
By default BLC lattices library includes several lattices, exactly: C lattice, Graphene, FeCr, WC etc.
The users can add new lattices in the library and edit already available.
After entering lattice model size the user have to click “Build new” button.
Or the user can click “From active” to fill selected active object by volume with lattice.
The BLC builds any lattice from mesh vertices.
One vertice of the model is equivalent to one lattice atom.
The Blender allows to create particle system from vertices, thus, the BLC can create vertices based model containing particle system.

So, the user will have mesh-vertices based lattice model!

Bravais Lattices Creator UI guide:

The BLC creates individual Vertex Group of mesh for every chemical element from lattice
If the user selects auto-create particle system checkbox, then the BLC applies next settings to created particle system of current chemical element:
vertex group density = vertex group of mesh of current chemical element
the size of the particles = atom radius from the BLC library
the count of particles = the count of emitter object vertices
the lifetime of particle system = the number of end frame of current 3d scene
random emission = disable
size deflect = enable
render emitter object also = disable
show particle size = enable
velocity normal factor = 0

Example of workflow:

Hello everyone! Thank for the interest!
Just try to create some artworks through the BLC, and tell me, what do you think about it? :slight_smile:

Multi-walled carbon nanotube made with an add-on for Blender
Bravais Lattices Creator

Atomic visualization of HSS in contact with synthetic diamond crystal
This model made in Blender through Bravais Lattices Creator and Molecular Script add-ons
Bravais Lattices Creator -
Molecular Script -