brave new world saga FYE - updated 10.06.2003

_this.IsGoing() to be an heroic, epic, ultra, broadband experience :slight_smile:


:: Mr. mech dragonfly ::

test render: mesh at some 99’5 %, materials are just to get mesh rendered (will deal with them later), have problems with jaggies, no matter how hard I tried, couldn’t get them off, and it is crucial because it will have some 400×200 px place as sprite (the creature is about to star in some sort of flash fairy tale for some cg festival, have to decide whether to render it in Blender or to port it to max or something to get it vectorized to .swf. Armaturing it and rendering in Blender would be a relief, however).

Anyway, it’s holy ugliness took 15min 55sec to render at 800×600 with unified renderer and 2min33 with deafault renderer without significant gain in quality. Crashed 223 at rendertime, 225 survived, this one was done in 227.

some pluginnery …

I used 32bit alpha to test compositing.

This is finished mesh, no armatures, material groups and no textures.

I have to make it fit into such color sheme - environment with terragen and some pluginnery - yes, I know it looks kitsch. Maybe I will export everything as alpha bitmaps and do it the old school flash way. I am too lazy when weather is hot …

@ pic:
looks cool :slight_smile:
is the “tooon style” done by post process or renderd?

@ yafray problem:
dunno, how it works in yable, but with povanim u have just to adjust the grade of subsurf that is drawn in the 3dwindow … it uses this value and exports all the faces of this view :slight_smile:

Not bad.

For the sub-surf in Yafray, just set the sub-d in blender to the level you want, (3-4 is usually very good), and then export. Should have no problems then.


I LOVE the texture on teh eyes on wings. any clues to how you did it?? :wink:

the joints (legs, tail, wings) don’t look like they can bend though…

overall, that’s one cool bug!

Ooooh!! pretty colors… No really, really cool shading and reflections. So cool. It’s like… like… happy HIPPIE bug! :stuck_out_tongue:

wings are supposed to be manipulated from 4 little caps on top of body, there should be a small shaft in each of them, but it’s not present at the moment - as for legs - they have some insets that should represent joints, but obviously I didn’t make them rough enough - should do some detail corrections; I will probably slip in some armatures to get them posing, or if I decide to go swiff, I will throw in simple bones in max with some IK … got this 30day demo, should use it for some reason …

hey, coders, why won’t you code some BLENDERSWIFT 3D or native swf exporter?

wing/eye textures are demo … plain colored noise and refmap/normal mode, over mat that is similar to blenderglass :expressionless:

but much of mesh detail on body is hidden under bump - this is just a get-it-rendered quick material, will deal with textures later

anyway, this is meant for some contest/festival and will be mounted as flash … jaggies are really eating my nerves, tried a bunch of antialias filters, but no-go …

btw - subD’s in yaf are still bugging me - yes, they work, but are not as pretty as on some renderings I’ve seen around. I used 223 to do export, are there some version-dependent tricks? I have Python2.0 installed, need this version … on Windows.

pretty nice funky texture! it’s koool

Wey that’s insectmania, lot’s of blender users (me included) are doing insect related stuff in the past days!

Maybe it’s summer influence!

nice model btw

hey don’t forget to check Acarus safari <- gratuite insect advertisment :stuck_out_tongue:

let’s the insect infest the community!

:: those pics were updated ::

mutant skull or something

brave new world panorama (without deadly toxic vapors for this particular occasion - I didn’t want to poison your computers and get flamed for this :slight_smile: