I wanted to build a city in the clouds but i fell in love with these bridges along the way…

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Well done. I can see a good amount of effort has been put into the modeling, because of how well-detailed the rusty metal structures are. I can also see that there is some variation in the mist, which gives the impression of wind blowing sort of waves of the mist around, and the sun beams really add realism and make it look cool. I do have to say that if the walkway is supposed to be the focal element, having that one sun beam (hope you can tell which I’m saying) blocking the view of it does feel kind of distracting. So if you could find a way to block that one beam or make it less intense that maybe would help. Other than that, well done.

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Thanks for your detailed analysis, i have to agree with you… the beam does really block the main focal element, i didn’t notice that till now. I will try to learn from what you said!

I think the quickest way to fix that would be to add a plane with a transparent shader set to something other than white and use it to block the beam by putting it in the way, so the brightness of the shader would let it through and act as the transparency of the beam. Then just put it off screen or use a light path node, put the Is Camera Ray into the factor of a MixRGB and set the top color to the brightness you want it to be in relation to the beam, put that into the transparent color. Or if you could add something to the scene that would block the beam, that would fix it as well. Maybe that beam would naturally be there, but composition and art-wise, it’s distracting.

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yes now i think its distracting too, when i created the image i was like “yes i like how the dragon sort of emerges above that foggy light ray”. I still think that it creates a contrast of light and dark values which is good, but i didn’t realise how much it would take interfere with the main focal object. I was using objects to manipulate the rays to my liking:

But again thanks for that constructive critique, it helps a lot!

Really nice work - I love the concept. The only real criticism I have is the texturing on the walkways and pillars. You’ve got really nice lighting, and the dragon, and a realistic looking Knight, yet the texturing on the paths kinda makes it look like it’s made of Lego. Just adding some irregularity to it and some dirt and stuff would solve that.

But as I say - I really love the concept, and it looks pretty great!! :smiley:

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Haha yes i know… the Bridges were originally intended to be viewed from far away. While building the scene i started to like the view from within… I should have used a photo-scanned texture (i even had some on my drive…) but i just stuck with the internal brick texture and a little noise on top. I will improve from this work a lot thanks to all your constructive remarks, thanks!