Brawler type proof of concept

Hey there.
I need help for a little project. The idea is to create proof of concept “scene” and small gameplay resembling old brawler games like Golden Axe, Cadillacs and dinosaurs etc.
I will provide all the models with animations and chosen game mechanics though everything will be open to discussion.
I need a coder who can make it work either in Unity or Unreal since my knowledge there is lacking. BGE is also a possibility, but I’d prefer the other options since a possible game would be easier to build later on.
So far it is intended as a leraning project but If it works out a small game can be build.
If you’re interested and have some spare time, please PM or respond here.
Thank you.

What do you mean by “a person who can make it work”? A programmer?
I can prototype the King of Dragons, but I’m only willing to work in UPBGE.

Excuse me for not being precise. I’ll correct the first post.
Yes. A programmer. I haven’t heard of upbge before and I’m glad you brought it up.
A prototype of King of Dragons sounds nice. I liked old BGE even with simple logic bricks and I know much can be done in skillful hands there.
I’m ok with the use of upbge and if you’re interested and confident it can be pulled off please contact me via PM with your vision and thoughts and we can discuss it there.
Thank you.
I"ll leave the thread open for now though till we talk.