BRayBaker inquiry

Hi everyone!:slight_smile:

I apologize beforehand if I’m not in the right forum…

Could someone point me in the direction of a BRayBaker tutorial, if there is one?

I have it up and running and all, but I’m just having complications with the basic mechanics. Mainly, wrapping the baked texture on an object. I went through Macounos documentation of it, but still confused. By the way, thanks for the script Macouno!

Sorry, I’m no scripter, just an artist. So laymans terms would work for me. :wink:

Thanks a bunch!

Hi scabootssca,

Thanks for the reply, but unfortunately I went through that already. I’m starting to think there isn’t a tutorial for this script yet. I’ll post a more detailed question with visual aids here in a little while.

Thanks though!

Neomega posted something about how to create normal maps using the script in the old blender general section… that’s a long while ago, but I’d have a search for that one. I don’t think anyone’s actually written a tutorial… feel free to ask questions here though :wink:

there is some good information in there, however, I don’t think it maps organic shapes well, and I didn’t notice since all of my models have been mechanical… :frowning:

Btu I put some tips on how to bake details, so you might find the answerrs to some problems you may be having.

Hey thanks NeOmega! I actually did see that one, but didn’t read too into it because it sounded more python-centered. I went through it again, and wouldn’t ya know, it makes sense. Thanks for pointing that out again, it’ll definitely help! :slight_smile: