BRayBaker problem

I’m having some problems with BRayBaker. I tried a standard baking of the cube on the default cube with default script settings and here’s what I got:

As you can see, the world background (Blue) is noticeable on the cube…
How can I avoid this problem? (Especially on complex models)

I have a problem maybe more serious than your!
If you look at my texture after the raybaker:

the model has a perfect uv map created with Unwrap3d, after load the texture and I start the script, but like as is seen in the image here it render also the lines of the polygons!! what do I do bad?


Hi guys,
I had the same problem too, what I did was, I scale down my new uvmap slightly to eliminate the unwanted colors.


If you want to use a cvs build then braybaker is almost obsolete. The only thing that it does that the new internal baker does not do is bake a hi-res mesh onto its low-res counterpart.

otherwise ->