braybaker rendering problem

I’m trying to use braybaker to try to render a base for a UV map ( i want the materials as a base for a UV map, and I will put details on hand-painted), however, everytime I set it up, and press Run Script, all i get is a tiny render window that comes and goes every second or so, and I cant select it or cancel it-the only way to get out is to shut down blender from the task manager. Does anyone know what is causing the problem, or an alternative to achieve what im trying to do?

EDIT: Oh it’s ok, that’s what’s supposed to happen, never mind this.


I think that’s what it does - you need to leave it until it’s finished. I think it renders each face separately and puts the rendered output into the uv map in the correct place. Depending on how many faces you have in your object you could be waiting some time.

Hey, I gave this script a try but the results are most weird:

Could someone explain? (I need it for the real-time).

To me that seems like a bad unwrap. Stretching applies to the Braybaked stuff too, if your UVs are all “wobbly” you’ll get lower resolution in some baked parts, which presents itself in pixelizing.

Wereaser is right. I’ve been experimenting with BrayBaker and the Texture Baker scripts, how you unwrap your model is crucial. Avoid stretching and overlapping, and use as few seams as possible.

The other thing is to change your world background color to match your texture color, this will help conceal some of the seams.

But in the end, no matter what I’ve done, I’ve always had to go back and clean up the texture in a paint app.

Since you are using BRay Here are some hints/things I’ve observed when playing with it.

  1. How every many faces your object has that is how many times its going to need to go through a rendering process. (little subwindows)

  2. When you make an unwrap make sure all vertices stay with in the grid on the uv/image viewer and no faces overlap(mentioned above)

  3. You are going to need to touch up some seams some of the time

  4. When selecting your min and max tile size I just ask the question what size is the final texture going to be. Lets say 512x512. Now I say what is the largest face area is it greater than 1/2 of 512 in any direction. If no then you can set the max and min to 256. if less than 1/4 then 128. I set both max and min to the same to remove any doubt of operation.

  5. If you find the script starting to crash a great deal mix up the order you select the bottons in the bray gui(worked for me)

hope some of that helps

Hello guys…

About the seams… They have been appearing more since 2.41, and I’m not entirely sure why exactly. I think it has something to do with the new way blender deals with oversampling. There is no direct solution to it.

Actually I think the entire script needs a rewrite… sadly I don’t have the time.

jessegp: yup, the tile sizes generated by the script are mostly there as a basic guide, not as a “must use value”, I normally set the values higher than the estimate manually as well.

OK I have this script but have never used it. I congratulate macauno for making very clear documentation. But its just me I have never been able to grasp what the script what is the use of the script.

I talked to macauno on #blenderchat and asked him would this be good for putting the texture on a low poly version of an MH mesh after you have decimated it. IF you already have textured the import HI poly model. He said yes it could be used that way. Unfortunately he did not have the time to explain HOW to do it.

Could someone write a tutorial with LOTS of screen shots and step by step instructions?