Brazilian Character Course

Hi my name is Eduardo (Harry Abreu) I have good news.
This year we’ll have the second character blender course on CCJ “Ruth Cardoso” (Culture Center for Young People “name”).
Last year during 4 moths I taught the basics about blender to make a character.
The students work you can see below.
On the end you can see the advertisement.
The course is free to any one the only thing that you need to start is to have a portfolio.
My good friend Rodrigo Nogueira work with me on the course he teach Gimp and digital paint.
Like this the students have a good knowledge about to start and finish their project.
Now with the first students I plain to make a studio.
Because it we are studying on the high level :-).
Ok have a good time.
(sorry if anything isn’t clean my English is terrible :wink:

looks cool. maybe you can shoot some videos.

Hi Teo_Yoni this pictures are the first course.
Now with my students we are studying more advance modeling and next week we’ll start animation.
Ok this time we’ll have videos to show our progress.
And when star the second course Ok I’ll show some videos. :yes: