Br'cks - Advanced Procedural Bricks [Free Download]

Like I promised, I made a tutorial on making a custom brick shader with this:

Cheers :slight_smile:


You are who I want to be with procedural materials! It’s all so powerful and amazing and your mind is warped just right. :wink: Between you and the guy who broke-it-down for wood floors a few years ago, I’m becoming very confident.

Have you ever published your rig specs? When I get deep, my video card and computer tax my patience. And forget Volume - I can’t render more than a postage stamp in size.

Thank you for keeping the open source spirit of Blender Foundation alive and gifting such powerful know-how.

These are the types of procedurals I love to see in Blender! Excellent work! Blender’s node editor leaves much to be desired in terms of usability, tools, and debugging.

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Well done, looks amazing

Well done, impressive and thanks for sharing

I’d be interested in a in depth tutorial, even a paid one. I think a lot could be learned from your process that would be more valuable than just a finished end product.

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this is amazing, now that we can see the potential I think some focused addon can boost power of this workflow and be a valid alternative to substance designer.

next up substance painter! One can dream

Fantastic work !
Very inspiring. Congratulations !

I so need to dive into how you did this. I’m working on a Hexagon precedural shader… and loosing my mind :slight_smile:

Hey Thommes this is a great way for parallel tiled bricks. Is there a way to adjust ur basic brick shader to get a herringbone style. Now it is limited to a certain angle and brick width.

Great work on the nodes man!

I can’t believe you think you kept the node setup to plugin to the brick shader “simple”. My brain hurts after watching that.

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Hello, Simon!
Thank you for sharing your great shader setups. They are amasing!
Can you help me with my setup, based on your bricks
This is my ref and result

I don’t understand, where is im’ wrong, i try any compositions but no luck(
Is this really possible? or not?)
This is my file
panel-cliff1.blend (3.6 MB)
Friends, thank you all if you can help me)

i like the ‘free’ concept when the blend cannot be downloaded for free :rofl:

too bad :frowning: i’ll have to find by myself how to make bricks…

Happy blending !

It is free. In the gumroad link, you can type 0 in the box.

Hi @Akikun

sorry but no :stuck_out_tongue:

Be sure i wish i could give a penny to this but… my budget is quite tight :wink:
I’d say 0$ and i got to do things like this: Carcassonne Medieval city

well it’s just my own problem :wink:
Maybe i’m dumb ( hehe i sometimes think about it ^^ ) but when i choose 0$ and click on ‘i want this’, nothing happens. If i set 0,1$ and click again i’m asked for my credcard.

Maybe i must have a gumroad account for getting free downloads ?

Anyway am on the road for something different in a matter of pattern.

This proc shader is really awesome but far too repetitive ( each bricks use to be the same size ). I need more random joints all over my walls… But as it’s out of topic i’ll make a separate topic on this :wink:

Happy blending !

You don’t need an account to get free downloads. I tried on my side and it works.

When you type 0 and click on ‘I want this’, you’re supposed to get a prompt asking you an email address. After entering your email address, you get a confirmation that the ‘purchase’ is succesfull and a message is sent to your email address with a download link. Make sure your browser doesn’t block prompts.

I can attach the blend file here but I’m not sure if BA’s guidelines allow it. Maybe @bartv can shed some light.


You can, but we have a MB upload limit.

@bartv , thanks for the clarification. The file is small enough to be stored on a floppy disk, so I guess it’s fine.

@pitibonom here is the file (or files, they are two of them).
Br’cks_-Procedural_Bricks_Shaders[Blender].zip|attachment (1.2 MB)

Ow then it’s my bad ??? :hot_face:

Why the hell don’t i have this popup ?
Then my apologies for this ! I disabled all ad-block and it still don’t work with my opera :confused:

I’ll have to try with another browser.

Anyway, thanks a lot @Akikun for the files ! i get them right away :wink:

Have a great evening and happy blending !

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