Br'cks - Advanced Procedural Bricks [Free Download]

(Simon Thommes) #21

Like I promised, I made a tutorial on making a custom brick shader with this:

Cheers :slight_smile:

Creating cracks in a model
(HelloHiHola) #22

You are who I want to be with procedural materials! It’s all so powerful and amazing and your mind is warped just right. :wink: Between you and the guy who broke-it-down for wood floors a few years ago, I’m becoming very confident.

Have you ever published your rig specs? When I get deep, my video card and computer tax my patience. And forget Volume - I can’t render more than a postage stamp in size.

Thank you for keeping the open source spirit of Blender Foundation alive and gifting such powerful know-how.

(SynaGl0w) #23

These are the types of procedurals I love to see in Blender! Excellent work! Blender’s node editor leaves much to be desired in terms of usability, tools, and debugging.

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(coat_of_snails) #24

Well done, looks amazing

(erickBlender) #25

Well done, impressive and thanks for sharing

(coat_of_snails) #26

I’d be interested in a in depth tutorial, even a paid one. I think a lot could be learned from your process that would be more valuable than just a finished end product.

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(MmAaXx) #27

this is amazing, now that we can see the potential I think some focused addon can boost power of this workflow and be a valid alternative to substance designer.

(coat_of_snails) #28

next up substance painter! One can dream

(Gwenouille) #29

Fantastic work !
Very inspiring. Congratulations !

(Grzesiek) #30

I so need to dive into how you did this. I’m working on a Hexagon precedural shader… and loosing my mind :slight_smile: