Brda - a-frame house

Hi guys, I would like to show you my latest commercial project made in Blender and rendered using Corona Standalone.

I’ve used many payed assets but some interior furniture was modelled by me ( lamps, sofa, tables, chairs, books, etc)

For the creating of the nature I’ve used Megascans and trees provided by 3dshaker, car was provided by Chocofur, but the dirt painting was made in Blender

And more shots in high resolution at behance:


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thanks:) I follow you back:)

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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Thank you:)

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Amazing work!
It’s nice to see that the work that makes such an impression, out to be done by a fellow countryman :slight_smile:

Thank:) I’m glad that you like it :slight_smile: it isn’t perfect but I think that generally it’s a nice looking image :slight_smile: Welcome to the forum:)

Great Job! I like the composition

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Amazing work! Look like a real photos.

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Great work. Thanks for sharing.

Interesting to see it was rendered in Corona Standalone.
Was this done using the 2.7 corona exporter?
Or do you have a new workflow using 2.8?

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Thanks, I have t oaddmit that I was inspired by with one shot:)

Thank you :slight_smile: I would like to make every render like a photo:)

Thank you, Yes I’m still using 2.79 when I am using Corona - so most of the times, because my commercial work is made in 90% in this engine. I was wondering to upgrade my PC with 2x rtx2080 super, but I do not have budget with this. However I think that Cycles is more photorealistic than Corona :slight_smile: But somehow I’ve got a really problems with crashing Blender while using Cycles - But most of the times I have really consuming scenes with a lot of polygons.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thanks Zorian I appreciate your reply.
I hope there is a buxfix/solution for you regarding Cycles in the future. Whatever renderer you use I’m sure it will look photorealistic.
I am running a threadripper with 1080ti. If you have a scene (maybe just lots of bender cubes, trees and Suzanne’s) I will be happy to test for a crash. Are you using a High res HDRI? Something mentioned last year.

While using Cycles I’m using proskies from Andrew, Most of the times I do not need more:)

Ram consuming while rendering sometimes hits to 50GB Most of the times I Dont have time to adjust everything to fit perfect in the scene. There is one thing i like in Corona - proxies So my viewport is quite usable in big scenes, where the most of the assets are low poly proxies. thats is the seccond thing i miss in Blender 2.8. 2 months ago I’ve made one project in Cycles, and that was a huge scene, so i had to split render regions to parts and redner almost everything seperatly. It was really painfull week of work, becasue i slept only 20h in whole week in parts of 1-2 hours to finish every part of the render. Then I decided that my PC isnt ready for Cycles :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’ve got gtx1080 i7-6800k and 64 GB RAM and it is not enough to sleep whole night :frowning:

Thanks Bart:)

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I’m sorry to hear about that terrible no sleep week. It’s good to share experiences like that so developers and artist can hear about what happens when used in a real-world situation, and hopefully work together to find a fix.

How did you learn and understand the workflow using corona in 2.79 Blender? Was it Chocofur, Imeshh tuts? The addon developer blanchg is doing a fantastic job. I hope he can find more time to develop the 2.8 addon.

Just thought…If you replace the old Render layer technique with the new 2.8 View layer with collections, would blenderguru workaround work for you? Or is the technique you explained “render regions to parts”? Sorry. I’m new to Blender :sweat_smile:

Keep up the great work Zorian. I look forward to seeing more work from you in the future.

I know Bledner Guru tutorials :slight_smile: However this time when I was using cycles I decided to do it another way. There was a lot of water and I wanted to keep good reflection on it. I was rednering everything in parts with disabling particles in other areas. I was rednering new area into drone footage, and the client wanted to have everything, vegetation, people and vehicles even some interiors ligths etc.

I do not remember when i started to using corona, made maybe one project and I was happy with it, so I stayed with corona, mostly becasue of this i prefer to se the whole image while rednering and use post processing in render frame buffer, that helps me a lot. I’ve tried chocofur scene, but I am not sure if my workflow is based on his workflow. I am using proxies in corona as an linked objects. Then I do not have to wait for export time while using this methode.

Here is the nice tutorial which shows how tu make proxy in blender

However I think that Cycles is much better for Blender and if i will hav emoney for new pc I will come back to normal Cycles. I hope:)

I will just say, that you could cut down on the dark knots of wood in the crossbeams on the second picture. Looks great after that!

Those are super nice detailed renders! Stunning quality Corona has

Yes I know, that was the plan, however I was involved into other projects and forget about it :stuck_out_tongue: I’m quite lazy guy and after publication I’m not going back to the projects, especially I do not have a lot of time now. But thanks for pointing that :slight_smile:

Thanks:) However I’m planning to come back to Cycles, Corona is great, but it is also more annoying than Cycles. I hope that soon I will buy RTX 2080 and make some noncommercial project using Cycles to check if it is already good for me:)

Currently, I am working on a huge amount of renders for a client here in the Netherlands - and the base renders were made using Corona but the material variations will be made using Cycles - it gives much more control than Corona, which I have to admit is quite simpler than Cycles and not so great for achieving exact colors fast. With few tests I decreased render time of one variation from 10 minutes in Corona to 4 minutes in Cycles, and the client is more happy with Cycles output, because it is more physical correct than this from Corona.

Hello Zorian,
that is one wonderful piece of a work you got there! I see that you are having difficulties with memory usage with cycles and as myself you are familiar with amazing proxy system (for both v-ray and corona).

Well as you know there are no proxies as such in Cycles but there are instanced collections. You might wanna give it a try. Also workflow is way more faster and generally convenient (really convenient).

Also this guy is going a bit more deep into it (totally worth to watch it starts at 9:12)

And what more there is also static overrides implemented (althou still in “work in progress” status).
That’s even more impressive what you can do with it. - starts at ( 36:35)

You might know all this (considering your skills) and in that case don’t mind this post of mine at all… :slight_smile:

Anyway amazing work, I smashed like and follow and I am looking for another project of yours. :slight_smile: