Bre Gotham Elf

Hurray! My new personal project inspired with Bre Gotham illustration is done!

My next personal project will be based on illustration of elf women from amazing Bre Gotham (

Original illustration from Bre Gotham:

Stay tuned for progress updates.


First blocking pass:

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Wow this looks like a very cool project! I’m keen to see its progress!

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Second blocking pass:

Third blocking pass (still with some hair loss :wink:):

Final blocking done, ready for polishing:

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First polishing pass:

Getting something so good with just the absolutely basic shapes is a sign of a good start :slight_smile: Looking forward to the result.

By the way, once things start getting more detailed, i suggest you tag it with NSFW, as this is considered nudity.

I wanted to mark for nudity, but I don’t know how. Help?

There i did it for you :slight_smile:

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Thanks. Now I see how tag is added, I will know for the next time.

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Second polishing pass:

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Third polishing pass, ended with body and hair, started with tattoos. They will be slightly elevated above skin to be visible in case of 3d printing:

Polishing done, next is rendering:

Video with turntable of final render was to large for upload, but it can be seen on my Artstation page or Instagram:

If You like this character, You’re welcome to download wallpaper for desktop or mobile.