break apart text?

Hi, I am new to Blender since about 2 weeks. Googling around and searching for “breaking text apart” only yields Flash results. So I dare to ask here, whether anybody can tell me if there is such a function like breakting 3D text apart in Blender.

Thanks in advance!

Convert the text to a curve.
Then put the curve in edit mode.
Then press the P-KEY to bring up the menu. Choose Separate Loose Parts.
Exit edit mode.

All your letters should be individual curves.

Or just use my BlendText script, the link is in my signature below. It makes phrases out of individual characters.

Thank you for your answer!

I tried around, but since the text is extruded and beveled, it generates lots of different faces.

Can I ask for another hint, please: I would like to try to put each of the letters of the text (it’s only 11 letters) as a separat object on the screen. But I need to align them, not only among themselves, but along a modifier circle line. What would be the savest way to do that?

At the moment I would think: aligning, grouping, add modifier to group… but I have no idea where to find a group function…

Thank you very much!

I believe that you would have to do the operation above before the extrusion and so on. Other than that I go through the pain of making each character separate from the beginning, by either typing each out one at a time, or typing one at first, duplicating it as many times as you need (helpful if you want the text to go in straight lines) and in edit mode changing the characters to what you need. It really doesn’t take that long, but can be a pain.

With my limited knowledge of Blender, this is the only way to keep objects separate, and operates the same way in other packages in that the string you type is considered a whole object. Editable individually to a point, until it comes to animation type stuff.

you should probably look into using the explode modifier.

First you need to convert object type to meshs, Alt + C. Then the meshs can be separated. Just pick all the vertices in Edit mode and hit P, Selected.


He’s trying to break them up into individual objects not itty bitty pieces. Check post 3.

Guys - thanks a lot for your valueable tipps and hints!! You’re great! Having been away, I will only be able to try out your suggestions now! Take care!

Using the BlendText script, this stuff is really easy.

One thing I have noticed is that Blender renders text better if it is not a mesh. When you convert to mesh you can see the hints of the triangles at certain angles. By leaving the font in it’s curve form (which BlendText does) you can get a better render. BlendText also has built in smart-code to prevent letters from lining up exactly on top of one another in the z-axis. This prevents those ugly flickering black faces that can occur when objects get too close or overlap each other.


Thanks a lot for your help!