Break on Collision?


I’m trying to make a simple wall break scene, where a large ball destroys a wall. I’ve seen a few tuts around and have tried to follow those for my scene. However, my object wants to explode apart before I’ve set up any impacts and such and wondered if there was a way to start the break after a collision?

Thanks for any help.

Scene file attached…


Wall_Break_Test.blend (603 KB)

Wow, that’s a confusing layout… :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway, just add a delay dynamics actuator to all the blocks, the sensor can be whatever you want… That way the blocks should stay in place until something happens to 'em…

Ah thanks for that. :slight_smile: - didn’t even know they existed.

It managed to achieve what I was after, although I felt like I was fumbling in the dark! I better search out some decent game engine tuts…

I’ve had a play around, but I still can’t get things to work right. I can suspend the dynamics ok, but I have no idea how to restore again once the collision object hits them. Is there any tutorials about you know of for this kind of thing?

Hook up a restore dynamics actuator to a message sensor in each bock, and add an empty in the middle of wall. This empty can have a near sensor and a message actuator so that when the collision object nears the empty, it’ll tell the blocks to restore their dynamics and break…

Thanks for the pointers - I’ll have a go with that.