Break-Room (Getting Dirty)

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Well, this WIP is long over-due to be placed in here. “The Break-Room”, was inspired by many kitchen and appliance topics at elysiun, so I had to give it shot too.

Most us have been in one of these rooms and this project depicts a very generic, yet typical scene of that nature (at least in the USA, not sure in the UK). The florescent lighting is so non-organic, everything in this room is all manmade with a lack of color. No plants, bugs or even a window. What a mundane feeling, a mood I am intentionally working on within this picture. I was going to put piece of a door into view, but I wanted to get that isolated imprisoned feeling also.

This scene could easily be the break-room in an S-Mart super store. What’s that? You know, the place that Ash worked at in the movie Army of Darkness.

This is a WIP and quality is lacking due to rendering time and settings. The final image will be better with better lighting. Here is my own crit list:

  • Need ceiling
  • Add hinges to fridge
  • improve dark shadows (OK, add 10 hours to rendering)
  • Bingo table is a bit out of proportion
  • floor tile repeats the pattern too much (but hey real 36¢ tile does too!)
  • the sink looks a bit off in size, but I actually researched that sink
  • Sugar shaker is lacking shadow on the microwave (TraShad??)
  • and a lot more that I can’t think of at the moment

This is the first project that I did research on each and every component and tried to add as much detail as possible to each mesh without over-doing it. Actually, I have EXTREME detail thanks to the large amounts of UVmapping for Bump-maps, textures and materials.

(Click Picture for larger image)
1431x1146 557kb

If you are curious to see a few UVmaps I used, and some closeups shots…
(Click Picture for larger image)
1280x1024 557kb

Some of the closeup shots themselves are like mini-Blender projects.

What I plan to do, to make the project “finished” , is a newspaper or magazine, on the table. A calendar and clock on the wall. Maybe a hook with a jacket hanging and a time-clock for punching in your earned hours. An of course reccomendations from the everyone’s C&C.

wow it looks realy realistic

I love it.

I don’t see any problem it looks so perfect.

Hé Spin! Think it’s going brilliantly. Gave up on the styrene cup? Coffe Mate more intersting. Looking forward to the final touches!

Look in the garbbage can. It’s there!

great work spin! :wink:

Nice, that’s almost photoreal.

What’s going on at the ceiling up here? Is that the edge of your model? It looks too bright to be a ceiling in that room.

fantastic (and yet frighteningly dreary at the same time!) work Spin!

Let’s see…

Walls are too clean. these breakrooms usually have like 10 years of grime, especially in high traffic areas. around the phone, for instance, people often scribble shit on the walls because they are too lazy to use a sheet of paper, or they lean on the wall with dirty hands when talking on the phone!

same thing goes for cabinet doors near the knobs. usually dirtier than the rest of the cabinet door, but cleaner just under the lip of the knob…

and again on the fridge door. often around the handles/just under them it gets dirtier faster than the rest, or even scuffed on the bottom edge of the door from careless boots!

phone handsets are often dirty as well…

i dont know if i have ever seen a bingo table without a nasty scuff or scratch showing the MDF (medium density fiberboard) underneath that they are made of.

floors. the tiles actually do fit, just like you said. however, have you ever seen the floors of one of these depressing breakrooms? when they are mopped, nobody cares about really cleaning well. So… you get a semi-clean floor in the high traffic areas, but a really nasty, goopy, greasy buildup all along every edge that the mopper didnt bother to work at to clean up… this is especially apparent in places like right in front of the fridge on the edge, and the sink/counter area as well. its subtle, but its there…

same goes for gaps in the floor tiles, where the same nastiness tends to build up a bit…

texture on the fridge?

just an incredible image overall, Spin. Great great job!

the_one -> Thanks. No crit is, a crit.

patdog -> I threw the cup into the trash can.

-> I appreciate the reply.

reaper -> The ceiling is not installed yet. But it will be. Thanks!

pld -> Lots of C&C. Great! I am going to do some of those tweaks. Thanks for the input.

you use fruity loops?

Wow Spin, I’m impressed! All of those UV maps help tons! I like how everything is in proportion to the rest of the scene, and the clutter is cool.
If you can add the scuff marks and dirt and such as per pld’s comment withouting actually making the scene worse it would really add to the realism. Maybe some small coffee stains on the floor/kitchen/table? You should try yafray with GI and other goodies.


Top notch work. I’m looking forward to seeing the updates.
pld had great comments, and you are a pro so you will have a great final render.

Aug 4 Update
As suggested, by a few comments, I am updating so take a look…

Here’s a cropped section of the bump-map (NOR) image I used for the floor. Notice that some squares have a subtle gradient from light to dark, and dark to light. This gives the tile the appearance of slightly lifting up from the floor. Also, notice that the thin grid lines fade at various places. This gives the cracks some gap, and dirtiness. The darker the color, the deeper the “eboss” effect (and dirty looking). The lighter that the color, the more “raised effect” that you get.

A pressure sensative drawing pad can do marvels in PaintShop Pro! This image (and the one above) was created with an airbrush brush, paint brush and eraser effect in PaintShop Pro, all on a Raster Layer, then saved as a TGA file for Blender.

The final effect RENDERED
Click here to see Rendering with dirty floor and bump map , it is too big to post an image in the forum here. I know, tThere is too much NOR in it. This image shows a NOR setting of 1.0, so I will probably go with 0.75 for the finished touch.

wow realy nice floor

could you have nailed it any more spot on?! excellent work, and to great effect as well! looks great imo. the dirt buildup is placed to excellent effect here. more!

I don’t think that the slitage is going to be that close to the “zinktable” (omg, I realy forgot the word). The slitage gets where you move the feet, when you pull the trash out for empty, and back again several times (So make scratches under the trash). And also under the table when you move chairs to it, or of you move it forth and back. Do you get where i’m going? The dirt doesn’t look realy right placed.

Hey, I updated that picture (replaced it with a new one) and the scuff marks are now there. A janitor does come by once in a while and cleans up a bit so you can’t see too many scratches.

Much better!
I hope that janitor doesn’t have a good pay. With a good janitor you would have to puch the ray-mirror up a bit :wink:

Starting to add some more grime to this dirty room.

Table legs ar aged here.

Table top is less colorful now and has some “worn look to it” (ignore the rest, including the black table trim)
The cake looks green in this lighting. It is supposed to be vanilla color.

good job! :stuck_out_tongue:

Wonderful render :smiley: and you didn’t save me any donuts???