Break-Room (Getting Dirty)

you stole my pizza box… one of the first results on google image search :stuck_out_tongue:

heh very very nice indeed!

I like it very much!
Adding to the list of grime:

These coffee machines tend to always lose some coffee, so I guess a stain / small puddle would be in order.
The doors of the cupboards seem too straight to me

more random thoughts:

The coffee creamer looks full, maybe you might drop some onto the table! ok I know I shouldn’t have looked…
Holiday greeting cards on the walls.
worn-to-the-thread rags to do the necessarry ‘cleaning’
a chores list
a mouse? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m curious, it looks it is going to be very photoreal!


Wow, great break room.

As far as constructive critique, I can only say be wary of getting it TOO grimy and dirty. I agree, there should be VERY slight smudges on the refrigerator around the handles and knobs of the cabinets.

Maybe an inspirationsal “Hang in there (with the obligatory cat)” or TEAMWORK (Ivy league row boat team)" poster on the wall above the cake, otherwise this piece kiscks major A##!

Awesome work.

enkie–> Thanks. I am using your suggestions. A few final touches will finish this project. That coffee creamer is a “funky opaque plastic”. I actually have a few of those containers here. You can’t see through the plastic. I might change it, depends on the rendering times.

doppler–> I am already on it! There are some things hanging on the wall. I don’t want it too dirty also. We’ll see if the maid shows up or not. I think she won’t. Thanks for the crit.

Just a small progress report. Taking in some C&C and applying it.

Wow, there is a crap LOAD of UVmaps and bump maps galore in this project. A lot of the items have multiple maps, texture groups and more.
I still have to texture the refrigerator. Place a few more items near the phone. Add a touch of dirt on only a few items, like cabinet knob areas, and the phone. I was going to sneak in a dog turd next to the refrigerator, but somebody said that was bad taste.

Hey, nice job as usual. I like how you layed out the the textures for people starting out can see how great results can come from the use of good textures. The only thing that bothers me is that I dont have a Dunkin donuts where i live and im sad about it…

Spin, this image is just freakin gorgeous. coming along so nicely!

the dirtiness is really making this image uber-real, and lends such a depressing elegance to it, really.

Some small crits…

Most objects (paper, magazines, boxes, etc) that are paper-based containers often show wear in ugly ways. boxes and their corners get crushed. in fact, it is probably one of the first things that detracts from a model when someone includes them in an image. things like the dunkin box, and pizza box look too perfect. against a properly dirtied image like you have here, they tend to stick out a bit :frowning:

also, so do the items hanging on the corkboard. at least the faded notice behind everything else. they are often worn on their edges, curled slightly, uneven from age and wear.

the magazine on the table as well. how many bored workers do you imagine sat there and flipped through that magazine while waiting for their ramen noodles to heat up in the microwave? probably a ton. and i’l lbet they flipped using their grubby fingers on that bottom right corner of the magazine!

this really is coming along nicely. the table wear texture looks fantastic, as do the legs. of course i already commented on the floor, but again, incredible job!

i hate to pick, but this image is so well done that you could walk away right now and still have something freakin incredible. these last few details are the things that will take this to another level!

make sure when you render the finished product you do so in yafray and it looks photo realstic :o or else lol great work man

The picture is coming along nicely…

The telephone cable looks a bit unreal. I know it can bend strange, but not that strange?

wow! it look aaaalmost real.
the only things that doesnt make it look real are the phone (bad colour,texture)
and the cupboards are so plain…

keep up the good work!

Gradually updating. This project is taking a long time, I don’t mind, because this is helping me learn how to Blender better. The C&C is very helpful, so you guys are part of this project too.

A Low-grade quality picture of the most recent update here


two words… Awe Some

very… roomy and comfortable…

big thumbs up

looks great, iam impressed with the detail and quaility of modeling,
employee of the month photo is so funny!

only crit would be the clock seems too small,
every break room ive been in has a pretty large clock,
proably twice the size of that one

once again your texturing and modeling skills are really impressive!

haha, just saw the “your mother dosnt work here” sign, so funny! does every break room have this, haha, ive had two jobs so far that have, you have really captured the essence of every break room in america haha!

another good point about this photo is the amount of detail, just a lot to look at, you see new things each time. i like it! mostly because it makes me think of every retail job ive ever had, and their has been MANY :smiley:

Wow :o . This isn’t just technically good, it’s fun to look at! So many details.