Break that record!

the record for the most users online at once is vary old! How about we try and break it! If this gets posted I will try to get a time when we can break it.Also does any one know how many people can be on this site and not crash it?:confused:
this is off we do not want to crash the site do we?!

Wow that was fast. Now for a date, any suggestions? I can not relay go on on sunday’s

You can rally up a chance to try for that, that assumes the servers will even hold up to that (which it may not)

Just bearing in mind that some of these “users” could have been search engines like google and so on.

No I never thought of that.

Yeah, why don’t we all try to overload the server? sighs

As lordcooper said, this is a bad idea. Don’t try to break this record, as it would have some very bad adverse effects on the server. You’d feel pretty guilty if you accidentally brought down BA for the sake of a stunt, right? Don’t do it.

I guess you are right. if it is broke then good but I quit on this record. mods lock this up please?