Because we’ve all broken something.

My first “complete” Cycles render. No testing here.
The glass was “manually” broken apart, no fracture or explode modifiers.
I’m in love with Cycles, and I need a new video card. :yes:

The bump mapping on the walls is a bit overdone and the image looks a bit grainy but overall, nice work!

The falling glass is too far from the table. If it had just tipped off it wouldn’t have fallen out that far.

Pretty good job. You need to change glass material cos it reflects almost like chrome.

Thanks for the input y’all. When I get back to that computer I’ll make some changes. I think the glass is set at the default .8 white, if so then that would explain the darkness and reflections. I will check that out now that I’m aware of the lighter/darker settings for the glass. Stay tuned for version 2.

does anyone have a better idea for breaking objects
ive been looking for something as well

Nice…but Im left wondering why the glass is falling…
Maybe you could put in a cats rear paws motion blurring off the table and out stage right.

Fracture script?

I was using an older version of Cycles and the scripts weren’t working for me.
To break apart the glass I:

  1. Decimated the wine glass until it had a small number of faces to work with
  2. Separated pieces from the mesh
  3. Added Solidify and Subsurf.

This allowed me to get the pieces the way I wanted them.

I wanted to show a transition. Think separate stages composited together.