Breakdown, Push and Relax - Please Post Experiences with These Tools

Hi All,

I’ve been looking for tutorials or even some documentation for the Breakdown (or Breakdowner) tool as well as the Relax and Push tools. So far, what I’ve found is very rudimentary.

From the revision log:

Revision [23342](

2.5 - Pose Enhancement Tools

This commit restores the 'Relax Pose' tool, and also introduces two others: 'Push Pose' and 'Pose Breakdowner'.

Be aware that this commit is just the initial starting point, with some parts yet to be done.  A short description of these tools follows:
* Relax Pose (Alt-E) - makes the current pose more like the poses on either side of it
* Push Pose (Ctrl-E) - exaggerates the current pose
* Breakdowner (Shift-E)[not working yet] - when this works, it will allow for interactive selection of a good in-between pose to act as a breakdown.

This seems to be the best available explanation of the intended use of these tools.

Has anyone used these?
If so, please post your interpretation of their use.

BUMP: No one?

My first impression is that these tools are to Pose Libraries what influence sliders are to Shape Keys. In other words, you can set the influence of a pose to a percentage other than 100.


The developer who wrote this stuff maybe?

The guy who got stuck with writing the docs and is still putting it off? :slight_smile: