[$] Breakdown Sync / Sync Keys

Gumroad: https://gum.co/sync_keys

What this addon does is, when you insert keyframes (globally) or move them around (Dopesheet / Graph Editor), transition keys (Breakdown / Extreme / Moving Hold) will automatically adjust relative to the original value.

By default, keyframe types have no functional purpose and are only used for visibility in the Dopesheet, so there’s no option to set them in the Graph Editor.
As such, I included a menu in the context menu (W / Right Click) to set the keyframe type in the Graph Editor, similar to the one in the Dopesheet

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link not working

I got depressed by a lack of interest/attention, and removed it from purchase.

I recently got the desire to put this and all my other addons for sale, and disregard failure to sell. However, I wasn’t planning on using this thread and I’ve put multiple new things into this addon, so I can’t re-use this video anymore either.

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