Breakdowner is a blender add-on, which akin to onion skinning, helps an animator create a breakdown pose by displaying visual guides.

Breakdowner follows the rules of blender’s built in operator (Pose Breakdown), all the way to its C++ source, for generating breakdown guides.
When performing a breakdown, this addon will only show you the most previous and future frame which has a keyframe. This differs from other onion skinning tools, which usually generate many snapshots of your character all throughout the timeline, or on interpolated frames, etc.

Breakdowner takes a slightly different approach on this subject by showing guides in a more ‘localized’ way. This helps keep your viewport clean and clutter free while you focus on crafting your pose.


Quick Breakdown (CTRL-E)

Show and hide visual guides on-the-fly when performing a breakdown pose.

Breakdowner Pie Menu (ALT-E)

The pie menu lets you show and hide visual guides at any time, without directly invoking Pose Breakdown. This allows you to take your time in hand crafting your own breakdown pose while always having a visual guide.

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