Breakfast anyone?

bacon-peanut butter-chocolate cupcakes :smiley:

WHAT THE!!! Okay.
Asiago cheese bagel with cream cheese :smiley:

Oh my…

I would post what I am having, but I just decided not to eat this morning… :smiley:

I just ate some! While some cheese cake and milk! Still good~!

Peanut butter and banana sammich, thankyouveramuch… (this morning anyway)

six slices of vogels bread with vegamite :eyebrowlift:

*vegEmite thank you very much!

4 Apricots, a cupcake and a small glass of 50% pear juice.

Raisin Bran in yogurt, as I didn’t realize I was out of granola.

Pancakes with jam.

cereal. Anyone else have that? XD

Every morning. I strongly dislike oatmeal…

bacon egg and cheese wake up raps from dunkin donuts everyday

Nice, I’m not the only one who calls it a sammich.

Bacon…and lots of it.

now thats smart

“Bacon…and lots of it.” That is smart…

Bagels today for me.

Parmesian cheese toasted on top of buttered sourdough bread. Yum!


Raisin bran this morning

Reheated Home-made pasta bake. Yeah…

Last nights PIZZA!!!:smiley:

More Cereal!! I swear I’m the only thing keeping General Mills in business… :smiley: